Corporate social responsibility

Since 2012, we are member of RSE Sénégal, an initiative for the corporate responsibility of Senegalese companies.
IDC is committed to comply with the law wherever we operate and to conduct our activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We want to ensure the highest levels of responsibility, integrity and legal compliance. Our directors, officers and employees are required to certify compliance with the Code of Conduct on an annual basis. Moreover, they are expected to comply with our principles of honesty and integrity in everything they do.


Our policy is to consistently provide quality services in accordance with the customer's specified requirements and applicable regulatory standards. It is achieved through rigorous control and constant reporting in order to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

IDC offers enhanced productivity, efficiency and quality through :

  • An effective and properly managed quality system
  • A suitable equipment and training of the staff
  • A continuous improvement of our working system

The senior management is fully committed to the implementation and maintenance of this quality system.

Continuous improvement is the responsibility of all management and staff. All our employees are responsible for the quality of their work and are required to comply with the company's quality system. Therefore, they follow the necessary training and coaching to ensure the highest level of professionalism whether on the field or in our offices.


As a drilling company, IDC is aware of the ecological impact of the mining industry on the environment and the population surrounding the exploration and exploitation areas. Its HSE policy has been created and is followed in order to reduce this impact.

By using environmental friendly consumables, by cleaning the drill pad after the work is done, and by making our own people aware of the environmental issues we create, we make sure that IDC does everything in its power to reach the best ecological standard.

IDC is committed to planning, carrying out and monitoring its operations in order to :

  • Comply with relevant EPA regulations, any local council development application consent conditions and any additional customer requirements relating to the environment
  • Set environmental targets for each project site in an Environmental Control Checklist
  • Prevent pollution
  • Minimize waste through efficient material and plant utilization, plus re-use or recycling of material when appropriate and proper waste disposal
  • Respond promptly to any emergency situation which could cause adverse environmental impacts
  • Support the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development

Our environmental compliance is reviewed on a regular basis. We aim to prevent problems from occurring and promote continuous improvement towards best practice in environmental management.


Appropriate training and instruction is provided to ensure that the project staff understands how to implement the Environmental Management Plan. Our personnel is encouraged to offer suggestions about how environmental protection measures can be improved. Such suggestions are assessed by the Company Management and implemented as appropriate.

So far, we have trained several mechanics, drivers as well as:

  • 10 drillers
  • 5 foremen